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Info: Oracle DBA Toolbar (wishlist)
Friday, November 24, 2006
Oracle released a tool for the DBA. It's a cool freebie where you can download here.
It features :
- Pop-up Blocker
- Integrated RSS Manager
- OTN Search
- One-click access to SQL*Plus install, Downloads, MetaLink, and more
- Online Support FAQ

It's available for Microsoft Windows Platforms and Internet Explorer.

The Oracle DBA Toolbar Wishlist:
I wish it had a few more buttons like :
- Oracle Enterprise Manager
- Performance Manager
- Top Sessions

posted by Admin @ 10:02 AM   1 comments
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Tip : recovering from problems after performing remote deployment from jDeveloper to Oracle Application Server
Monday, November 20, 2006
Those of you who develop on Oracle jDeveloper 10.x.x and deploy on Oracle Application Server 10g might face the following situation :

During remote deployment, a power failure occurs or something else goes wrong and the deployment interrupts leaving you with an incomplete process and a bunch of files - other deployed and other not deployed.

If, God forbids, you come across to such a situation, you cannot even perform a backup/restore of your Oracle Application Server (using it's internal backup/restore facility) leaving you with an error message that says that you cannot proceed with backup while another process is performing file operations.

You cannot deploy your project again either. Oracle AS thinks that another deployment is actually taking place and cannot perform another task.

To overcome this situation perform the following steps:

1. go to your oracle directory where the bi (business intelligence) is located (eg : c:\oracle\bi)
2. find the folder dcm\bin (eg: c:\oracle\bi\dcm\bin )
3. execute the following command : dcmctl resetFileTransaction

The file operations will reset and you will be able to perform deployments or any other operation under your Oracle Application Server.

posted by Admin @ 8:55 PM   2 comments
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TIP : request.getRemoteAddr() and request.getRemoteHost() return the Server names, not the client's host name and ip (on Oracle Application Server)
Sunday, November 12, 2006

Well, this is a known issue since Oracle Application Server 9i. I have found a solution in Oracle Application Server 10g release 2. I know it applies to the 10g product family but i didn't test it on 9i. If anyone knows if this also applies on 9i, don't hesitate to leave a comment here :-)

Goto your Oracle Business Intelligence platform (not infrastructure) and click on Http Server-> Administration-> Advanced Server Properties-> httpd.conf

Oracle Application Server 10g bug request.getRemoteAddr request.getRemoteHost

and uncomment the line :

UseWebCacheIp On

When webcache is forwarding requests to OHS, the clientIP becomes the IP of the originating webcache server and the real client IP is stored in the ClientIP header.
Instead of modifying the header with more java source code, just uncomment the UseWebCacheIp and you will have the Client's IP recorded in the log files and also your source code : request.getRemoteAddr() request.getRemoteHost() will work properly.

posted by Admin @ 11:17 PM   4 comments
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