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TIP : Collection of tips and tricks from Oracle Magazine (2003 - 2006)
Tuesday, August 08, 2006
There is a huge amount of tips and tricks from many Oracle DBAs out there which can help DBA's everyday burden more easier to beary.
These were selected and posted by Oracle magazine for all of us to use.
You can view and save this valuable information at these links.

Year 2003
Year 2004
Year 2005
Year 2006

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INFO : Oracle TimesTen 6.04
Monday, August 07, 2006
Having an Indiana Jones mood for the weekend, i downloaded Oracle TimesTen 6.04 to take a look at what it has to offer to a developer and a DBA. Is this another database system? What it means by going in-memory?
Well the results might be surprising:
Oracle TimesTen can be used as a primary DBMS for storing data by applications that want to do it real time.
It can be used for storing data from multiple data sources playing a role of the central repository, combining multiple data sources together.
It can accelerate stuff by providing a memory-persistant data model.
Collaboration between in-memory tasks with disk-based RDBMS.
Downloaded it here.
Download the documentation here.

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INFO : Oracle Application Server Security
Friday, August 04, 2006
Security, Security, Security! This word is in everyone's mouth either a developer or a dba or a user; this word dominates the internet world.

Servers hosting internet applications need to be very well maintained and tested for intrusions and hacking attempts.

Oracle Application server 10g is a good solution for a corporate web server. It combines a powerful user interface through Oracle Enterprise Manager that allows admins to control the entire farm remotely with minimum effort.
If you already have such an installation in your servers, i recommend spending a little more time on security.

If you seek guidance on that matter, take a look at SPI Dynamic's : Securing Oracle Application Server
and NGSSoftware:Hackproofing Oracle Application Server where you can also find a very usefull list with all default Oracle UserIDs and Passwords!!

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INFO : Oracle Database XE
Wednesday, August 02, 2006
Those of you that build retail applications and seek for a database storage solution that is free to distribute, might want to take a look at Oracle Database 10g Release 2 ( Edition for Microsoft Windows or Linux.

Now, hold your horses there because Oracle database XE comes with some limitations :

  • it can utilize only 1GB of RAM

  • it can utilize only one CPU

  • it can utilize only 4GB disk space

  • no more than one installations may exist in a computer

It is ment to be for the DBA who wishes to create some testcase for the production database, and for the developer who builts small scale applications that do not demand a tera of disk capacity to store data.

Its free to use and distribute.

Version available for
Linux fans
Windows fans.

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TIP: ORA-01843 Not a valid month error
Those of you developing applications that utilize Oracle Databases, might have face the ORA-01843 Not a valid month error. This is a major problem because most of us develop applications that use dates as part of their WHERE clause.

Solution : Before executing any SQL statement though code, you must execute the following SQL statement :
Note that date format may vary depending on your location. This directive for example is used in Greece.

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TIP: Beware of the HOME
I recently faced an issue regarding a Visual Basic application trying to connect to an Oracle Database 9i through an ODBC DSN. While everything seemed to work fine, applications could not connect to the Oracle Database and the error referred to some dlls that were missing from the installation.

After a little reseach i did, i found out that the default home (which was of Oracle Client 9i) has changed because of a recent installation of Oracle Discoverer Desktop 9.0.4

The default home changed and due to the incompatibility of the libraries the application couldn't connect to the database.

Solution : Go to Start->Programs-> Oracle Installation products-> Home Selector and switch back to your Oracle Client home. This will solve the problem and Oracle Discoverer will continue to function.

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Oracle Critical Patch Update July 2006
Oracle has sent an email regarding a new update for some of its products like Oracle Database 9i release 1, Oracle Application Server 9i and 10g, Oracle Database 10g etc.

Those of you who didn't receive this email should take action a.s.a.p. as this patch includes security updates and fixes as well.

Next date of Patch update would propably be October 17, 2006

More information here.

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~~ Let there be blog
Hello all! I welcome each an everyone of you in this small effort of sharing thoughts and experience about Oracle tools.

In the company i work for, i am a DBA in an Oracle 9i database.
I also do web development using Oracle jDeveloper 10.1.2 and i use Oracle Application Server 10g R2.

Feel free to post your thoughts, any tips or solutions to problems that may have arise during work. Share your experience for the benefit of all of us.

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